Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Use your Dental Insurance before December 31st!

It is important to use your dental insurance benefits before the end of the calendar year.  Dental benefits are “use it or lose it” and un-used benefits will not roll over into the next year.    Here are 3 great reasons to use your insurance benefits before year end:

1) Saves you Money in the Long Term

If you are in need of significant dental treatment you can spread out the work over two years. Dental insurances have small yearly maximums that haven’t changed much in 20 years (often $1000-1500).  If you have many needs, utilize the benefits for this year and then when they reset you can continue your work in January 2014.   Addressing dental problems now rather than putting off treatment can prevent the problems from getting worse and more expensive!

2) Deductibles don’t carry over

If you have met your deductible for 2013, completing any unfinished dentistry this year will save you money.  If you wait until 2014, you will have to meet another deductible before your insurance begins coverage.

3) You pay monthly premiums, take advantage of the benefits

If you are paying a premium each month for dental insurance then you should take advantage of a dental visit today!  Many dental insurances include dental exams and cleanings as a 100% or near 100% coverage benefit.   If you are not taking advantage of these free or nearly free benefits you are leaving money on the table.  Dental exams with x-rays allow us to diagnose cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental problems.  Dental issues are always less invasive and less expensive when discovered early.

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