Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are your teeth really clean where your brush can’t reach?

 You may brush your teeth twice a day and use your favorite mouth rinse afterwards, but are your teeth really clean?  The parts of the teeth that you see are clean, but a large percentage of cavities and gum problems occur in the areas that your brush doesn’t reach!

  Teeth fit closely together and the bristles on the toothbrush do not fully reach between the teeth.  Cleaning in between your teeth (also known as interdental cleaning) is the best defense.  Without cleaning interdentally you are at risk for cavities, gum disease, bad breath, tarter build-up, as well as at risk for heart disease.

 There are many choices for how to clean in between your teeth.   For today, let’s focus on three of our favorite recommendations at Meiners Dentistry:

      1) Flossing can be as easy as 1 -2 -3.  1) Pull yourself about 18” of dental floss, wrap it around your fingers leaving about 1” between to work in between the teeth.  2) Glide the floss gently between the teeth, dipping below the gum line. 3) Move the floss up and down rubbing the side of each tooth.  If you think floss is hard to handle or you just can’t reach those hard to reach places, there are other products on the market to aid in cleaning between your teeth.  There are dental picks, water picks, proxy brushes, and soft picks.

Now, if the following cartoon represents your view on flossing, read on and check out some of the alternatives below:

     2) Soft Picks by GUM – these interdental cleaners are some of our favorites!   These are very easy to use and clean absolutely great in between the teeth.   They are very easy to pack in your pocket or purse to have on the go.

     3) Showerfloss - Would you clean in between your teeth if you could get it done in the shower with pressured warm water and no mess afterwards?   How about if this system was only about $35 shipped and easy to install in any shower?     If this sounds good to you then head over to and check out their unique system.   Dr. Zach has this personally in his home and loves the system.     If this doesn’t appeal to you, check out the similar product Waterpik -