Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why do I need X-rays?

A large number of dental problems occur in areas we cannot physically see.
1) Between the teeth
2) Beneath the roots of the teeth and in the bone surrounding the teeth.
3) Inside of a tooth

To properly diagnose problems that occur in those areas we need to see those areas, which can only be done with x-rays.

4q x rays 2

4r x rays 3

4s x rays 4

X-Rays allow us to do a thorough job checking your teeth. Without them we can only see the tooth surfaces that are visible. Many problems with the teeth originate in areas that we cannot see.

The #1 area for cavities on back teeth is on the biting surfaces of the teeth, which we can see visually. But the #2 area for cavities is in between the teeth. Those only become visible when the decay inside the tooth is large and has eaten away a big portion of the tooth.

On front teeth the #1 area for tooth decay is in between the teeth.

Meiners Dentistry has gone all digital on all types of x-rays now.

The benefits of that are:

#1) Low Radiation needed to capture the same quality of image that we used to get with film.

#2) Fast results. It doesn't take 5-7 minutes to process the x-rays anymore.

#3) It means we've gone "green" - no more chemicals used to process the x-rays, and less waste.

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