Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Protect your teeth from tooth grinding!

4y Bite Guards

Those that experience symptoms tend to seek out treatment and normally get a biteguard made to alleviate the problem.

However, the half that don't have symptoms don't perceive a problem because the damage to the teeth occurs so slowly over time that when looking in the mirror you don't notice from one week or month to the next. These people don't seek treatment and often turn down a recommendation to get a biteguard due to lack of perceived need.

Even furthering the problem is the fact that many dental insurances won't cover a biteguard so treatment is denied due to cost and we slowly watch people's teeth erode away.

4z Bite Guards

Biteguards are custom made for your mouth by using dental impressions. At the first appointment we take an upper and lower impression. Then it takes a couple days to get the biteguard made and then there is about a 30 min appointment to seat the biteguard and ensure it fits snug and is harmonious with your bite.

5a Bite Guards

Biteguards also have the added bonus as working as a retainer for your upper teeth as well. An investment in a biteguard is you have signs of tooth wear is a wise one. Biteguards may not be cheap, but they can be a FRACTION of the cost to fix worn down front teeth years later.

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